21 mai 2012

l'ITW d'avant match : Bottin

par Fabienne Pietrus

Seems like you enjoyed the Crocodile flyer ?

Hell yeah, It's it looks a amazing. I hope there is a printed version for me to take back to Venice. Seriously you should do a t-shirt. I would buy 10.

First thought when you wake up?

Should I stay or should I go?

This week’s obsession?

I'm longing to get my hand of a vinyl copy of Cristalli Liquidi's Volevi una hit, a new italo song (actually a semi-cover version of LCD Soundsystem)
I helped producing.

What do you like most about your hometown?

That I really feel at home here while 90% of the people are just passing by.

Favourite dj gear?

The usual obvious stuff, cdj 2000s and good old Technics turntables and although after a few misadventures and broken cases I'm not flying with vinyl anymore since a year or so.

Production gear?

Cheap synthesizers (possibly made in Italy), lots of them, stacked together.
I also can't really do without my spectrum analyzer. It keeps me company during long studio hours!
Same goes for a classical guitar to try out ideas with.

First thing you do in a hotel room?

Immediately check if there's is a spa so I can go sweat it off.

How deep is your love for digging music ?

Still quite deep, although it's becoming more difficult to dig out unknown gems.
I don't really go to shops and record fairs, but I'm drawn to flea markets quite often.

Last fine digger experience ?

J.M. BAND - Computer Monkey for 50 cents.

Favourite cocktail?

Bloody Mary and Pimm's Cup.

Best dancefloor filler ever?

They change often also it depends on the party. And it's lucky that it is so, otherwise it would be boring for a dj to play the same stuff all the time.
Recently I found that my edit of Golden Bug+Rodion's Washing Machine often does the trick.

Next challenge?

Writing songs lyrics!

What are you up to now ?

Writing songs! And finishing a new album. Actually two albums. And a remix. And launching a new label. Also moving house soon. Enough?