6 mars 2012

L'ITW d'avant match ;) : Jacques Renault

First thought when you wake up?
I can't wait to eat a banana..

This week’s obsession?
The D-Train

What do you like most about your hometown?
The best part of traveling is coming home. I'm spoiled by my friends, food, and the view that I lost..

Are you always on time ?
I'm either too early or a just a little late.

Favourite dj gear?
The Dope Real

Production gear?
SH 101

First thing you do in a hotel room?
I dive into the bed.

Last fine digger experience ?
Joe's Record Paradise in Rockville, MD.

Favourite cocktail?

Best dancefloor filler ever?
Classic? how about D-Train's "You're The One For Me"

Next challenge?
packing up and moving into the new studio

What are you up to now ?
Currently finishing a few special remixes on my own and with my Runaway partner Marcos Cabral, releasing new 12"s on our On The Prowl and my new Let's Play House label with my friends Nik Mercer and James Friedman, and on tour for the month of March all over Europe!