23 nov. 2011

Hands Up: La Crocodile fête ses 3 ans

Hands Up: La Crocodile fête ses 3 ans: Visuel By Fredster http://fster.tumblr.com T rois bougies à souffler sur le gâteau de la Crocodile, le 26 novembre. Myself, Dag...

7 nov. 2011

L'ITW d'avant match ;) : "The C90s"

Fast ITW de "The C90s" avant leur  DJset à la crocodile le 26 novembre ;) par Fabienne Pietrus

First thought when you wake up?
Jamie: I like to plan the day ahead and be proactive, unless I'm hungover, in which case I'll just be regretting the night before.

Worst obsession?
Jamie: I don't really obsess over things now I'm older. It's not like when I was a kid and was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I suppose I'm a big Spurs fan. Football takes up a lot of my weekend.

What do you like most about your hometown?
Jamie: I have a bad habit of saying I hate London. I've lived here all my life, and sometimes I get tired of it, but deep down I love it. London's an amazing city. We're spoilt here. We've got great clubs, great restaurants, great record stores. The list goes on.

Are you into any sports?
Jamie: As I said, I like football. I watch it a lot, but don't play much. Danny plays every week. I skate a bit.

Favourite cocktail?
Jamie: I don't really drink cocktails, but maybe a White Russian.

Favourite dj gear?
Jamie: Danny's into Traktor, but as long as I've got CDJs and turntables that work and a good mixer, I'm happy.

Production gear?
Jamie: We have a big old analog mixer which we run everything through. It allows us to jam out ideas together while we're writing, and adds a nice tone when we're recording.
As for synths, I'd have to say the Yamaha CS-15 is my favourite for basses, and the Juno 106 is great, too. It has a real presence in the mix and always sounds amazing.

First thing you do in a hotel room?
Jamie: Log into the hotel wifi and send the obligatory 'DJ tweet', then go take a shower.

Next challenge?
Jamie: Get our next single out! We've been sidetracked by remixes recently, but it's finally coming together, and we hope to release it before the end of the year.

Do you have enemies?
Jamie: Life's too short for enemies.

Best dancefloor filler ever?
Jamie: DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together